Magnalure Wrap

Standard Magnalure will fit 11"- 16" pedestals

Pro Magnalure will fit ALL pro seat pedestals

Introducing the Magnalure Wrap - The Ultimate Fishing Accessory. Simplify your fishing experience with our revolutionary Magnalure Wrap. Our magnetic wrap with a velcro closure is specifically designed to wrap around your pedestal and grab hold of lures, hooks, snips and any other fishing accessories you may need. Key Features: - Magnetic design grabs hold of accessories - Velcro closure for secure fit - Simplifies your fishing experience Say goodbye to fumbling around for the right tool or losing essential items while out on the water. The Magnalure Wrap ensures that all your important items are easily accessible and securely fastened. The Magnalure wrap is also great for side by side ATV to hold your tools, nails, hammers, staples, and pliers. So why wait? Get your hands on a Magnalure Wrap today and take control of every fishing trip!

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Magnalure Sticky Pad

4" x 6" Magnalure Sticky Pad

6" x 10" Magnalure Sticky Pad

The Magnalure Sticky Pad is a magnetic pad that was created to help make fishing simple. The Magnalure Sticky Pad is designed with a 3M tape back, allowing it to stick to kayaks, boat consoles, coolers, and fishing buckets. It is made to grab hold of lures, hooks, snips, scissors, and is even strong enough to hold your pliers. The Magnalure Sticky Pad gives you quick and easy access to the things you need in one convenient place, allowing you to get back to what you love doing, catching fish!

Starting at $24.95 - $34.95

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Magnalure Double-Sided Tool Pad

8" x 8" Magnalure Double-Sided Tool Pad

12" x 12" Magnalure Double-Sided Tool Pad

This double-sided magnetic tool pad is an essential item for mechanics and service truck mechanics. Keep your bolts, nuts, screws, nails and sockets organized and within easy reach. The magnets hold everything securely in place, preventing any loss or misplacement of important tools. The pad is perfect for use with wrenches and other tools as well. Its compact size makes it easy to store in your toolbox or take it on-the-go to job sites. Key Features: - Double-sided magnetic pad - Holds bolts, nuts, screws nails and sockets securely - Perfect for use with wrenches - Compact size Designed specifically for mechanics on service calls this double-sided magnetic tool pad keeps all the essential tools organized and easily accessible during work. It’s capable of holding various sizes of bolts, nuts, screws, nails, and sockets without dropping them on the ground. The strong magnets hold everything firmly in place so there's no need to worry about losing or misplacing important tools. It's also great for use with wrenches making this a versatile addition to your toolbox. The compact size makes it convenient to store in a toolbox drawer or take along on job sites - ensuring you always have all the necessary items at hand when you need them most!

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Magnalure Strip

1" x 6.69" Magnalure Strip

Simplify your experience by using our Magnalure Strip. The Magnalure Strip is the perfect product to incorporate into your fishing, fly fishing, working, and sewing projects. The Magnalure Strip is a double-sided magnetic strip that is designed to lay flat in the rim of your cap or magnet together when folded onto clothing. Our Magnalure Strip is made to hold onto your lures, hooks, snips, bolts, screws, staples, nails, sewing needles, straight pins, and quilting/safety pins. The Magnalure Strip will simplify your experience by giving you quick and easy access to the things you need.

*** Hat is not included with purchase of the Magnalure Strip

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100